Emulation on the cheap using First XBox

As some of you may know I am not only a huge fan of gaming original systems but also like to dabble in the dark art of emulation. Yes, I understand many purists will soon be hitting the back button in disgust — however I’m of the opinion that emulation has a location in each retro gamer’s life. Emulation enables you to encounter games in near pixel-perfection which you will never be able to manage or find and out of a historical perspective it’s a great way to archive and catalogue titles that would otherwise disappear.

My pick of emulation instrument is a self-modded first (some call it’classic’ today ) Microsoft XBox. I have been asked on numerous occasions about the way to mod an XBox and exactly what a modded XBox is, therefore in this series of articles I will show you the capacities of my 2 units and show you the way you can start getting your own.Read more xbox roms At website Articles

I opted to use this specific hardware after stumbling across websites run by fans and finding how enormous the XBox mod landscape still is and exactly what a capable machine they’re for emulation functions. Virtually every emulator ever made has been ported to XBox and in the majority of instances continues to be enhanced still further by enthusiasts with the addition of video sets and art. A lot of you will have heard of or use XBMC on additional hardware (Apple TV etc.), well it all began on the humble XBox therefore it’s name (XBox Media Center). Of course it is possible to use an XBox as a wonderful networked Media Centre plus it does a lot more things aside but since this is RGC I’ll focus on the topic of retro computer and console emulation.

A modded Xbox is my own pick over PC/Mac emulation for the following 6 reasons:

1. The XBox is relatively easy to mod yourself (soft-modding a Conventional 8gb XBox takes moments when You know the way to have the tools/software)
2. The device fits under your telly, including a PC
3. A classic XBox is affordable, I found them being sold with a control for #14.99 recently at my local GameStation. EBay is another fantastic supply of inexpensive XBoxes.
5. Unlike a Xbox 360, the first Xbox is very reliable — almost bombproof.
6. The programmer scene is still going strong and new versions of favorite emulators are published weekly

A modded XBox has the following advantages:

2. Capability to run in HD (720p and even 1080p)
3. You can update your HDD to something larger
4. You can save your DVD movies and games to a HDD and play out there (quicker loading times)
5. Skill to use a mouse and keyboard (great for those point and click adventure titles)
6. Tremendous development landscape leading to countless ported emulators and utilities
7. Fully networkable more than LAN with every other devices you have
8. Good alternative to your PC in a home arcade cabinet setup
9. Once the HDD is updated they make decent Network Media Centres (XBMC)

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