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I have some older computers that just don’t like newer Windows version major updates. If you use the power button to shut down, it flashes up the lock screen before turning off.

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Then I remembered that I had updated the graphics driver in between the Windows updates I associated with the problem, and the previous update a month earlier. Just to be sure, make certain that you have absolutely nothing plugged into the laptop whatsoever – especially no USB devices, then try a restart. Hopefully you do not have your system set to “sleep” or “hibernate” when you turn off the system via the power button as that really does not shut down the system.

The grafic driver workaround helped me to solve the problem. I have been plagued by this problem for the last two Windows 10 updates in December.

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  • Although in some cases, a competent technician can repair a fried motherboard, you usually must buy a new PC.
  • A fried motherboard is a sign the computer you depend on for business correspondence, Web work and billings is a total loss and pretty much useful only for holding down papers.
  • These are normally labeled “PWR_SW,” “PWR_BTN,” etc.
  • Heat is the desktop PC’s enemy; excessive temperatures can destroy sensitive components in seconds.

Check if any of them have rounded tops, which indicates they’re blown. Also, check the board around them for any signs of electrolyte leakage or breaks. Many modern motherboards now include on-board power buttons to boot the system for troubleshooting, but budget and mid-range boards don’t always offer this option.

If you cannot kill the system easily, try holding down the power button for about 10 seconds and the system should shut off, but may still sleep or hibernate. Otherwise you may have to let the battery run down completely 3 times. After the 3rd try you should be put into safe mode, and if so, plug it in immediately so you can try to work with it from there. Then use Andre’s notes above and elsewhere to work on addressing whatever happened.

When coming out of Sleep I was presented with a black screen, but I could see from the disk activity that the PC was doing the normal things. I even typed my password into the black screen to prove that was where it was, and the disk activity resumed as normal. Clearly the problem was only with the Display Driver or Monitor Xpadder. I tried all the solutions offered and nothing worked, including updating to the latest drivers for my graphics card.

In such a case, it’s easy to jump the headers to start the board. The first thing you’ll need to do is to check your computer externally because most of the times the problem is coming from the shortage of a power supply. If you can log into your laptop you might want to carry out a few things before attempting to reset your laptop. The following steps relate to “DISM”, which checks the health of your Window’s Image and then a “Repair” of that image. Got a black screen of death after the 1709 function update.

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